Self adhesive labels

While selecting labels, we are dealing with making choices among various products packed into the same material, though of different viscosity and area of application. Sometimes it gets easier to get lost but not to choose anything at all. Therefore, we'd like to provide you brief information about adhesive labels and stickers.

"Template stickers", stickers are empty, usually made of matt paper and a standard adhesive glue. Adherence, and the same type of material can be customized according to usage conditions.

"Stickers with a stamp", selecting the desired material, you can print your desired image or just to cover the background color you want. Run length could be big or small, according to what you need.

"Labels of special materials", is the ability to produce labels of special, non-standard materials that are resistant to heat or humidity.

"Unique products", widely used in the production of tickets, business cards, invitations, etc. Made of cardboard or plastic. Serial numbers could be printed, if needed.


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