There is a number of printer manufacturers that we can offer: TSC, TOSHIBA, CITIZEN and ZEBRA.
Printers come in different types and kinds.

"Desktop" - this an ordinary, most optimal printer used in everyday life.

"Industrial" - these printers are chosen for producing large volumes and various stickers, produced to work with high loads.

"Color" - color self adhesives labels printers, using primary C M Y K colors.


When choosing colourants strips for you stickers, it is necessary to know a few important items.

WAX - this ribbon iis used to print on plain matte paper. The most common user choice.

WAX/RESIN - used to print on paper when you need to have better quality.

RESIN - is used to print on a variety of films.

Colored ribbon - the opportunity to choose from a range of available colors. Used for printing on standard labels, but also can be applied to films or other special cases.

Special ink ribbons - in exceptional cases where standard coloring tapes are not acceptable due to low quality, we can even more special ribbons.

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